What’s next?

One month before another semester ends. It was just like yesterday when I decided to take up Bachelor of Arts in Communication as my undergraduate course, and it was just like a minute ago when I fought with my father because I don’t want to take up Engineering.

Bombarded with requirements, agitated with pressure, still I continue to go on, without knowing what I really want to do.

I only have three semesters left before I finally have my Bachelor’s degree, but the path I’ll be taking after this chapter still remains blank.

I still don’t know what I want to be.

Yes, I love everything that I’m doing right now, except for the research papers. I absolutely loathe researching. It’s something I can’t find the fun in doing. Even though I like the things I do today, I still do not know which of these will be the one I’ll be practicing after graduation. Honestly, I can’t see myself working 😦


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