January 10, 1997

And because it’s my birthday, I want to thank all the people who remembered the day of my birth. Some by heart, and some via SNS. Either way, thank you for making an effort to greet me in any way possible.

This birthday is epic! We went to UPLB just to find out that the library is closed (our fault because we didn’t ask). We hurried back to Calamba to go to Pandayan Bookshop, which we forgot have a branch in LB.

Then it’s already 8:30 pm, we were roaming around Crossing to look for a 9×12 canvas for our midterm exam but none of the bookstores we went to have one (suddenly everyone became an artist lol).

The best part of this birthday is, I was remembered by people who are close to me and dear to my heart. I don’t look for a grand celebration, I never did. All I’m asking for is people to smile at me and tell me “Happy birthday. God bless!” and hug. This way, I feel it’s more sincere.

As for my birthday wish, I will not wish for world peace, although I do hope for it. I mean, come on! Wars do not solve anything. It only makes things worse. And for once, do not be selfish! Do not think about your pride. Learn to forgive! How painful can forgiveness be if it had saved thousands of lives? And for the spearhead of the battles. Please. Stop it! Learn to communicate! Words aren’t used only for planning a war! Words are the most harmless yet powerful weapon!!

Anyway, my birthday wish is this…

I want to be closer to God.

I want to, but I know I need help. But who will I come to? I’m starting to be dependent on this one. But this is all I want for the rest of my life. Because I know, I can do all things through Lord. And second, I want my parents to know about God, I know that if they knew about God, they know what’s been missing in our family for so long.

And for you Nessy. You’re already 19. Enjoy your last year of being a teenager. Although you failed your dream of writing a novel as a teen, at least you have a filmmaker instead (the only constant thing in this world is change). And you didn’t make it to your dream school (don’t worry, you can get your MA there). What matters is, you’re almost there! Look! You alrady got an application form for your internship in South Korea. Don’t give up just yet okay! Bad things happen as a challenge.


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