May 30: Fight Or Flight?

I cannot handle confrontations well. Everyone knows me as the girl who can’t fight, and I agree! For every confrontations I’ve been in, I was always the girl who admits her fault and then cries, and pities herself until she forgets about it (but then the thought never leaves her).

Whenever someone gets mad at me, I’m always the girl who fights with honesty, because I believe, there’s no harm in telling the truth, and the ever so popular “The truth will set you free.” As a child, I have always believed that if everybody tells the truth, everybody will be at peace, and that’s the principle I have been living on up until now. Although most people think it’s a disadvantage to not have the capability of manipulating people by lies, I think it’s amazing how in a world of liars there still people who seek to tell the truth. And I’m not ashamed that for a 19-year-old, I do not feel confident about lying. Other people always do that for me, it’s not just my line of expertise.

Fight or flight? I can say I do fight with kindness, and humility. I do not fight an angry person with anger too. I fight with the idea of flight from a war.


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