May 31: Teleport

I have always been dreaming about living in South Korea. Not only because of the K-stars but of course they’re one of the reasons, but because of what I grew up seeing on korean dramas.

My mom was a huge fan of koreanovelas, but since the rise of technology, my mom lazed over watching koreanovelas with me. But that’s okay. My mom likes historical dramas like, Dong Yi, Jewel in the Palace, Jumong, Queen Seon Deok, and other more. Whenever I looked at the sceneries at the drama playing on our screen, I remember feeling amazed and dazed. Since then, I have always wanted to go to South Korea.

And now, the South Korean entertainment industry, I must say, has reached its peak in terms of popularity. Everyone knows at least one kpop groups, and also, everyonw can always say at least one korean drama.

If teleport would have been real, I can see myself in Kpop concert screaming at my oppas and having a picture with. I see myself taking my masters there and going back to the Philippines whenever I feel like it.

South Korea has played a big part in my life, although I have never been there. All I know is, I’d definitely go to Korea once I graduate!!!


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