June 2: The Zone

Doing chores is definitely not my thing, especially doing the laundry, and folding the laundry (anything that has something to do with clothes are meh to me). Among all the
household chores, the only thing I would volunteer to do is… Washing the Dishes!

I remember my dad getting mad at me because it took me 3 hours to finish washing the dishes, because I was having my concert in front of the sink. I preted that the faucet was my microphone on a mic stand. Luckily, I did not break any dish nor glasses. Although, I had to go to my PC every now and then to search for a new instrumental to sing to.

Singing always have a positive on things – you sing to get your feelings out, you sing to lessen your stress. Singing just makes everything perfect. But you also have to take precautions, and you should sing in the perfect places.




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