June 5: Never

I’d Never Write You A Love Song

My heart is as shallow as your words my friend,
I admit its foolishness for your pretend;
For your words without references,
I can say you’re quite of an inventress.

I do mean inventress, counterpart of inventor,
Cos your actions ain’t male, backstabbing traitor
You’re a sissy for your games, woe to those days
I promise I’ll move on, but the agony stays.

Tell me the truth, you chose to lie
You could have left, but you smiled
Did you have fun? I bet you did!
Tears were your trophy, right kid?

Happy? Making someone miserable?
Making them feel their stupid and alone?
Funny? Making someone gullible?
Making them grieve, like it’s because of their own.

I cried, but the tears were not for you.
They were for me and the awfulness I feel,
The awfulness and letting you,
Letting you do that to me.

You don’t deserve to be loved, and you will never be.
I’d laugh at someone who’ll claim they do.
I’m glad it is over, by the way the fool is you;
How could you let go of someone as perfect as me?


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