June 6: A 4-star Review

I have always admired my dad since I was a kid. But I never get to show it because back then I was closer to my mom. But as I grew older I realized, I was never able to spend much time with my dad although he was usually the one who has been there for me. He was there during most of my performances, my contests, whenever I go home late, or I go to school very early. He never did leave me, and I know he deserves more tham the way I treated him as a selfish teenager.

Although my dad’s been acting tough in the house, I can feel the loneliness he feels. I seldom talk to him about feelings because I know I won’t be able to handle all the feelings he have been keeping inside.

I don’t know much things about my father, all I know is he took engineering once but he never got to continue his studies because of poverty. He is second of five siblings, and he was raised in Cagayan. He’s a currently a security officer at a telecom company and he is the one-in-charge of our households.

According to his stories, he once opted to be a civil engineer, but since his parents cannot afford to send him to school anymore, he stopped. This is why I think he insists I take up engineering, but I had to break his heart because I have something else in mind. And whenever I feel like giving up in college, I always put in mind that I have to get a great job to give my parents the perfect life they have always wanted. They still serve as my inspiration until now.

Sometimes, I can feel his envy towards soldiers, policemen, and other armed forces whenever we watch TV, and although he doesn’t say a thing, I can hear his mind saying “I should have been one of them if it was not too late.”

My dad always ask me during our freetime if I were happy with our life, if I think he and mom were able to give me everything I needed, I told him “We may have ups and downs but you know, you have given me everything I could ask for.” Without the words “I thank God, He gave me the two of you.” and “I love you” I smile at them and continue to do something for school, pretending I was not on the verge of crying.

Dad, I know our life right now isn’t perfect but, who’s life is right? We’re far beyond blessed because you have a stable job, mom has a job, we have a house, we’re able to eat three times a day, you were able to send me off to a great university for college. Rough times may have arrived but see, we’re still alive, and we conquered them all. All with His guidance.

Dad, I love you. I can never thank God more for giving me the awesomest dad ever! I only have two semesters left. Help me, Dad. He’ll help us too. Don’t worry! I’ll do anything to get back at you. I promise, as your only daughter. I will make it up to you! I love you Dad! Advanced happy birthday!



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