June 7: RSVP

What is it like getting married?

I’m already **teen years old, and unfortunately, teenagers my age are either having sex, getting high, or drunk, or getting pregnant. I am proud to say that I’m one of those teenagers who has no vices. The only thing I’m addicted to write now is fiction books, korean dramas, and pampering myself.

Since, I never had boyfriend, I usually ask myself what’s the best age to have one, and to get married. I still believe, the best age to have a boyfriend is 21 years old, and the best age to get married is 25 years old. So if ever I do get married once I’m 25, I would it to be a Christian wedding.

I have always wanted to become a Bornagain Christian but I never got a chance to, but once I get married, I know I want to marry a Bornagain Christian. And we’ll be probably married in a hotel’s events area. I visualize it to be as wide as our university’s gymnasium and its motif is monochrome.

I would invite my cousins, my professors, my high school and college classmates, my choirmates, our conductors, and other college friends and future friends I’ll be meeting along the way.

I’ll wear a cool long-sleeved black and white wedding gown and I’ll wear my down, cause by that moment I know it’s not that long (trust me, I know). Then our guests will be wearing black and white outfits too.

Then after we say “I do” to each other, we’ll kiss and proceed to the reception. During the reception, my choirmates will be singing a song, and of course I’ll be singing a song for him too. Then maybe he’ll surprise me with a performance I don’t know, then we’ll eat our all time favorite asian cuisines!!!

Woah! All these on my wedding day (if I do get married). I can see my mom and dad crying as I walk down the aisle, lonely that they have to give their only daughter to the man he loved third.

Anyway, I still have a looooooong way to go. And I still have dreeeeeeams to accomplish. But one of these days, I will be able to find someone to love me with all of his heart, someone whom my parents will trust to give me to. I’ll be waiting.


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