My Notebooks and their Origins

Writing is my second love (singing is my first love). I remember writing short stories since grade school, but never get to finish them because I don’t believe they’re good enough.

In third grade, I remember imagining stuff that I think will be great for a future novel. In sixth grade, I tried to write my first ever novel. I bought a notebook and  dedicated it solely for writing a story. I can’t remember the title, but it’s about a boyish girl kid who has two awesome brothers. Since she’s the only girl in the family, and their parents have left them because of a car accident or whatsoever, her two brothers were freaked by all the sudden changes that occurred to their younger sister. I only finished until chapter 2, and I promised myself that when I grow up, I will be writing an awesome novel about love someday. Yeah, that was 8 years ago *crying*.  Now I realized, coming up with a grand novel is not that easy. Specially if you want to appeal the smart-ones.

Since then, I have admired journals and their abilities to keep all your secrets without the intetion of telling them to other uninterested people. I have been collecting notebooks since first year college, and here are some of the most memorable notebooks/journals I have.


NB1: Cloud Know Your Mind

I bought NB1 in the midst of my stress during my summer 2014. It was one of the most stressful summer I had. And in order to chill, I decided to buy this cute journal for only 50 pesos in SM Calamba. I used to write random quotes and lyrics here but then I ripped all the pages I have written on and left it as is.


NB2: Personalized notebook from my best college friends.

Shoutout to Ton, MJ, Hiry, Kim, and Roan for buying this notebook. We were in Quezon City when they bought this, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go with them because of reasons only we could understand. But I feel flattered and special for this simple gift. I love you guys!


NB3: Heavy Journal

This particular journal is the reason why I am still alive until now. This has been my journal during the most suicidal phase of my life. And it was given to me by my friend MJ. This notebook holds my darkest thoughts and fiercest feelings. I guarantee shock if ever my friends or my family members get to read them lol.


NB 4&5: For Summer Recital 2014

Every summer, our organization holds a talent workshop for high school students. And for my first ever summer workhop for the organization, these were our giveaways. Fortunately, there were some excess so I got myself two of them which I also used for my duties in the organization.


NB6: Globe

My dad randomly gave this to me some time in 2015. I think this was a giveaway in their company. I absolutely loved it because it’s small, it’s black,a nd it’s from my dad. ❤


NB7: Writing is the paiting of the voice.

This is the first notebook I ever bought from my favorite stationery store: Papelmelroti. I usually receiev gifts there but I never really got the chance to buy my own.



This one I received during our after party for Job Fair 2016. It’s unusually girl because obviously it’s from a company for girls. But paper is still paper, thank you very much!!!


NB9: Black Notebook of this Year’s Angst

This I bought for my anxieties again. In the first page, written is a contract between I and two other friends stating that until one of our friend’s haven’t had any boyfriend, he’ll be treating us any meal for every month he’s single.


NB10: Creative Outlet

My friend bought  me this for my 19th birthday. I use this notebook today for my awesome (lol) drawings which are prohibited for other’s sight because of its awesomeness (hideousness).


NB 11: 18th birthday gifts!

These are late gifts from Kaye and Kim, shoutout to the both of you!!


NB 12: Spoiled Best Fruuund!

This is bought by my ever so supportive girlfriend Toni! Hahah! Yes I’m a spoiled brat to my best friends!


NB 13: Required 18th birthday gifts!

Shoutout to TRF who bought these for my 18th birthday! Love you guys!


NB 14: Sharanatics!

This was given by Ate Shara, my one and only ABCOMM Idol hahaha! Miss you Ate!


NB 15: Random

These were random souvenirs from my classmates! Shoutout to Ate B, Ate Ai and Kaye.


NB 16: Cultural

These I received as an active cultural artist from my freshmen year to my senior year.


NB 17:: SDG

This I think came from a conference (?) I don;t know actually, Toni once again gave it to me! So much love!


NB 18: Yazaki Planner

This I received from Vince, the Aura Gay.



NB 19: Fan Journal

I bought this for myself last 2014 because I think having a black-paged notebook is cool. As you can see, everything written here is me as a fangirl. Please don’t judge!

And there people, are my notebook collections. There are some I did not include because of some “reasons” but I hope to share them to you soon, and to share more journals to come!


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