June 8: Do Not Disturb

“Get a room! Social media is not the right venue to express your overflowing and unreasonable clinginess to your partner.”

This I swear, I could tell teenagers today if only I was old enough. You don’t have to post every “sweet” moments of you and your partner, we don’t have to know it.

Some people think that excessively posting clingy moments with their loved ones is mandatory for those who are in a relationship, I am devastated to inform you that it’s not.

In my opinion, sweet momemts like that should be cherished within thw relationship, within you and tour partner. Social media does not hold accountability when you and your partner break up. Social media itself cannot bring you and your partner closer and sweeter together. You just have to post the necessary ones. You don’t have to post it all.

So apparently, on your next date, you don’t have to mind whether your shot ia instagrammable or not. What matters most is that, at that exact moment, you were with the love of your life. You don’t have to tell everybody about it, only you and your partner’s memory is enough.


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