Separation Anxiety Strikes



Hey gays (Not teasing they are gays, really)!

This will be our last year as schoolmates (for Vince) and classmates (for Ton), I cannot believe we have been this close, from freshmen college up to now. Although I know the two of you are the original best friends (my best friend’s inside a laboratory right now dissecting a bug maybe, I don’t know), you still welcomed me with open arms to the circle you are in and made me feel like I can be one of the gays (but please minimize vulgar gay terms when I am around, I beg).

I know I have been too emotional and sensitive a couple of times but that is because I hate being left out. I just hate feeling like sometimes I don’t know where to turn to or who talk to and it saddens me. Don’t worry, most of the times you’re the ones beside me, thinking about ways on how to kidnap my crush *evil laugh*, highly appreciated.

I do admit I go overboard with my jokes and my sermons always but I have no other objective but to smack the truth in your faces. Yes, smack. I want you to think “Oh. I didn’t realize that.” whenever I talk to you. I am being honest with you guys as much as I have to and I am willing to tell you everything you ask of me.

I love you my gay best friends!! Don’t worry, will be looking for boyfriends soon! Just remember to always stay negative okay?

I can’t will be bidding farewell to each other after 15 long years! More drama/late night walks/ fiestas/ notebooks/ sibling fights/ amukan moments woth you guys. I can’t say thank you enough because there’s a long list of things I should thank about. Let’s just enjoy the ride and make our parents, and ourselvea proud!


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