Tweets I can never tweet part 2

•I hope you realize soon that this is torturing me. I really hope you do.

•I really cannot believe you. I really don’t.

•How you can you be mad about someone making you mad when you have made someone miserable? You’re ironic af.

•This is so unfair. You are so unfair. 😦

•”Pag umabot ito ng birthday mo at wala pa rin. Hanggang graduation na ito.”

•If you really wanted to talk to me, it wouldn’t take two weeks.

•I don’t even know how to treat you normally now. I’m 1 meter away from getting used to being ignored by you.

•It just sucks how you can make someone feel neglected in a snap.

•I know you’re thinking about how overreacting I am, but I can tell them to you straight. I won;t deny them.

•”Wow! It’s a full moon. I used to be with him through every full moon. And now, well… It happened.”

•Should I apologize for being upfront, honest, and HONEST?

•Or maybe I was too harsh?

•Is it my fault? Tell me, please. I don’t want to overthink anymore.

•I don’t even want to go to school anymore, it feels uncomfortable.

•How can you do that to me? I mean, I’ve always thought I was your female best friend. This feels utterly offensive.

•It seems like, I assumed. Good luck. It has been 6 days, good luck.


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