Basurampa 2016

Having a fashion runway with clothes made out of recycled materials is a ABCOMM thing. Basurampa (derived from the Filipino words basura – garbage and rampa – runwayis an ABCOMM tradition wherein graduating ABCOMM students have to design and create clothes from recycled materials and come up with an outstanding theme. For this year, we came up with the theme: Oro, Plata, Mata.

Originally, Oro, Plata, Mata is an old Filipino film from a superstition that stairs in houses should not be in multiples of 3 in the belief that each step of the stairs represents: 1) Oro – Gold; 2) Plata – Silver; 3)Mata – Death.

For this year, we came up with a gold, silver, and black wedding attires designed by the ever so active Ms. Nilssie De los Reyes and this ramp is headed by the production manager Mr. Vince Miguel Rodriguez .

Here are the designs and the models for Basurampa 2016:

Oro – Gold

Oro Flower Girl
Model: Millette – AB Multimedia Arts


Oro Best Man
Model: Vian – AB Communication_dsc0169

Oro Bridesmaid
Model: Patricia – AB Communication


Oro Groom
Model: JE – BS Psychology 


Oro Bride
Model: Jamie – AB Communication


Plata – Silver

Plata Flower Girl
Model: Razzel -AB Communication


Plata Best Man
Model: Chryss – AB Multimedia Arts_dsc0188

Plata Bridesmaid
Model: Linsy – BS Psychology


Plata Groom
Model: Steven – BS Psychology


Plata Bride
Model: Jasmine – BS Psychology


Mata – Black (Death)

Mata flower Girl
Model: Angel – AB Communication


Mata Bridesmaid
Model: Bianca – AB Communication


Mata Groom
Model: Steven – AB Communication


Mata Bride
Model: Shammah – AB Communication


All these will not be possible without the creative designs of Ms. Nilssie


I would like to say congratulations to my batchmates for another wonderful and successful event! Kudos, batch 2017!


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