10 Things I Hate ABout You

“The best chick flick ever!!” -My Journalism Professor

I just finished watching 10 things I hate about you last night at 2:00 am or so, I felt like I needed to let things out so I pleasured myself with one chick flick.

Aside from the fact that I know there’s a famous poem in the movie (because I have seen it all over social networking sites) I don’t have any idea about the movie, but the fact that I love watching teen romance films I know I’d like this movie. And from that — I FREAKING LOVE THIS MOVIE!

I think this movie is a great watch for teenagers because it discusses cons of premarital sex, and it teaches you the lesson that if you want to do anything, do it for love, because then you don’t need a million more reason, you only have to have one, and that is love.

I honestly am in love with Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger), he’s your typical bad boy, you know, except the fact that he smokes, I like everything about him. How he was so thoughtful of Kat, how he smiles whenever he talks to Kat, how he can be cold at times. For me, Patrick Verona is perfectly imperfect for me. Goodness! I wish I could meet a man like that.

Anyway, Kat Stratford also shows a strong woman’s image, which teaches us to learn from our mistakes, and do not let everything into you. For every downfall you just have to stand again and make yourself and other people learn from the situation.

So for now, this is my favorite chick flick! If anyone can suggest more chick flicks like these, I’d gladly know about. Thanks!


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