Here’s Another Letter…

Dear Boys,

When girls tell you they like you, don’t assume that we wanted to mary you or anything beyond that or similar to that. We are not that shallow.

Please do not assume we’re crazy about you. No. Don’t overestimate our admiration, because just like you guys, we also have levels of admirations.

Don’t go to sleep thinking that we wanted to have you, or hold your hands. We wanted to hug you. Just shut up. Fucking shut up!!

I am so fed up of boys who always think they areĀ it. I am so fed up of your overflowing self-confidence!! Don’t ever think that we can’t sleep because of you, nor we go to a place only because of you. Fuck!

If we have a crush on you, yes of course we secretly wish for you to like us back, but not in that obsessive way! Not every girl who has a crush on you is obsessed with you. Get over yourself!




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