Frustrated Polyglot

A few scores and some years ago, I started being fascinated with the ability of languages to unite people, especially the universal language, English, which I know every people in the whole world has knowledge of.

We talk to be understood, some talk to be heard, some talk to be noticed, for whatever purpose there maybe, lucky are we that we are able to communicate with people of different age, personality, gender, race, and nationality. I do believe that communication is so powerful that it can literally turn the world upside down, it’s more powerful than any dictator in a country, or any nation in the world.

As a kid, I have always been a fan of foreign shows, especially Asian ones like Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, and Endless Love. I also love watching animes which are shown every afternoon.

As a kid, I find different language interesting, especially the ability to speak them. I perceive it as a key to have a wider connection and an opportunity to learn the culture and the practices a country has just by learning their language.

I have always wanted to learn different languages (because of their writing system), because I’d love to write down my feelings in a language where my countrymen cannot understand. I would like to voice out my opinion in a way that the people I refer to don’t have any idea what I am telling them. This is what  thought when I was in grade school, but now, learning a new language is not a scapegoat anymore. It’s more of immersing yourself into new discoveries with a major path, and that is communication.

Being able to communicate with every people in the world is not impossible, there are several ways to learn how to speak them. But what’s important is to be a thread that sews the unattached parts of the countries together. What’s important is that you know you can use that ability or superpower to bring together that several puzzle pieces of the complicated puzzle called world peace using a major tool that everybody has but depicts their major differences — Language. Language a major component of communication.



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