This is weird.
What I am doing is weird.
The fact that I am sitting on my boss’s chair is weird.
The fact that I am using his computer is weird.
Spending the last two hours doing nothing,
when I’m supposed to be doing something is weird.
Posting on my wordpress blog on job hours is weird.

Wearing the same jacket for a month is weird.
Changing your shirt because you think you look fat, for me, is weird.
Not feeling sleepy at an hour you used to sleep at is weird.
Sleeping at an hour you’re not supposed to is weird.

Talking to people you don’t really know is weird.
Needing to talk to them is weird.
Wanting to talk to someone without a reason is weird.
Talking to yourself is weird.
Singing alone is weird.

Riding the elevator wearing a wacky face is weird.
Making cute faces in the mirror of the elevator while riding is weird.
Making peace signs in every CCTV cameras in the company is weird.
Walking down the hallway facing the floor is weird.

Having adjust for like a month is weird.
Not having someone to talk to you is weird.
Not wanting them to talk you is weird.
Avoiding contacts with them when necessary is weird.

Seeing two people as a couple when they’re not really one is weird.
Having a crush on somebody who is not really your type is weird.
Feeling that everyone who sees you, likes you is weird.
Acting like everybody loves you is weird.
Writing your feelings is weird.
Writing them down with no intention of it being read by someone is weird.
Being yourself is weird.
Being unique is weird.
I am weird.



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