CAS Idol 2017

Every year, the College of Arts and Sciences, like any other universities, hold singing contests to determine whether who will represent the college in the LPU Idol competition, this is a competition where the best singers from all the colleges of the school will battle out for the title of LPU Idol.

At first, I was reluctant to join the contest. First, because I already have my OJT, and it would be hassle to come back to the school just to perform; second, because I don’t have that much confidence in me; third, because I don’t think I can compete with everyone in the competition.

I was the eldest among the contenders, and I personally have experienced performing inside the school. However, I still feel really  shy when I have to perform in front of a large audience. I’m still nervous, I still (sometimes) cry. It pains me that no one believes that I’m nervous or shy, because of course of how I act towards them, but the truth is, it takes a matter of strength of the body, mind, and soul to feign the confidence you don’t really have.

Still, I managed to bring home the bacon, to my communication family.

It really feels nice to have performed well, I hope the performances in the future will be better or if not, at the same level as this.


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