‘Tis the last

I loved Patrick Verona
10 things I hate about you
but I love you more
and all your films

this is crazy, right?
I was never in your sight
here I am, hoping for some light
it’s either fight or flight

have you ever known
you make me love love songs
you make me sad at them too
despite how happy the singer was

you will never know
I stopped watching films
for a month or too
any of it, reminds of you

and how you loved them
the way you’ll never love me
more than what we are now
what I want us to be

funny how they were happy
seeing the two of us
their eyes full of glee
my heart too agrees

what did you feel then?
of course, none
but I guess, all of these are done
once I marched, soon be gone

thank you! so much!
I should have told you last March
but ’tis the last
what will be thy reaction?
and yes, this is a confession


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