Credits: The College Life

(this will be the speech i will deliver for tomorrow’s awards of excellence)

For seventeen years of book-reading, note-writing, art-colouring, and uniform-wearing student life, here I am finally forty days away from earning a degree, forty days away from getting my college diploma, and finishing my studies. After 40 days, I can finally walk down the streets with my head held high and tell them, nakatapos ako ng pag-aaral.

For seventeen years of non-stop 5:00 AM alarms, and non-stop lectures as to how punctuality will take you to places you wanted to go to, or how cheating teaches you corruption at a very young age, here we are now a month away from the most realistic horror film to be made: The Real World.

But then, why be frightened of the real world when your soon to be alma mater equipped you with real world skills, and education that matters. It also made you one of its outstanding students. And for the film: The College Life, I’d say this is the plot twist!

Just like every film, before revealing the plot twist, the protagonist, also known as me, have encountered several struggles neigh challenges, brought by important characters that adds up spice in your visual story.

To the professors, teachers, instructors, sub, and proctors from LPU-Laguna, especially from the College of Arts and Sciences. Thank you for the “support”, more than support, thank you for teaching me the ABCs, 123, 10Cs, the Journalism Code of Ethics, the Exposure Triangle, the different kinds of headlines, the three stages of production, the types of research and other mooooore, with 5 o’s. Thank you for making me a journalist, a writer, a filmmaker, a performer, a layout-artist, an executive producer, a director, a cameraman, a researcher, all in four years of college. Thank you for making me realize that I can be as versatile as any students should, and I know I am no perfect student but I hope I became .8 of the student you wanted me to be… or more.

To our dean, Dean Celia Tibayan, thank you for the never-ending trust and support! We know we have shared a lot of love-hate moments together with ABCOMM batch 2017, but however stubborn we are, you never left. Thank you for being our Mother Phoenix since 2014. I would also like to thank our former Dean, Dean Myla Loredo, we haven’t been your students but still, thank you for the love and care we have received for our first year as college students.

To all our professors from first year! Ms. Medallon, Sir Tenorio, Ms. Kat, Ms. Buena, Ms. Sublay, Ms. Palapar, Sir Chuck, Sir Vincent, Sir Jose, Sir Boyet, Ms. Agawin, Ms. Fay, Ms. Felisse, Sir Rey, Sir Jeric, Ms Abedejos, Sir JP. The Queen of Sociology, Sir Mike, the Queen of Research and DevComm, Ms. Gerby, the King of DevComm, Sir PJ, and the Rockstar King of Journalism, Sir Jervis Gonzales. I have to tell your names one by one so they’ll know who made me the person I am now, they have to know who are the people behind my diploma a month from now.

However, your protagonist is no ordinary student, as said in our tagline for our advertising project: Cultural Affairs Office, We Are More than Just Students, We Are Artists. Just like Hannah Montana, I lived two different worlds in school; one as your typical grade conscious comm. student who spends 10 hours a day inschool for her acads, and one as a cultural artist who practically spends 150 hours a week to rehearse and perform.

In the morning I write articles and scripts, but in the evening I read musical notes, I sing those musical notes, I harmonize with my brothers and sisters from LCS, and every December, we ,cultural artists put up one big cultural show for our beloved Lyceans, also known as The Tricultural Show.

As far as I know, I am the third cultural artist to receive this award following Ate Monica, and Ate Doray, and we won’t be able to go this far if it weren’t for our Cultural Director Miss Anna Corina Kagaoan.

From being our professor in ICIT, Advertising, Theater Arts, Media Management, a simple thank you is not enough. If it weren’t for you, Miss, I wouldn’t be this tough — I think I have been tough after all these years. I am extremely sorry for ALL the headaches and heartaches I have caused you, I hope I made you proud, and I hope nakabawi na po ako. You are also the reason why Nessy  is a very familiar word in LPU because aside from the performances, you were the one who lead me to enter all the offices in LPU-Laguna, and for the record, I have entered all the offices here in LPU. I am so grateful, Madam Anna! Those words aren’t enough, but that’s a perfect way to sum it up.

And if it wasn’t for this person, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now. To our dakilang agimat, Sir Jared Belen. Why Dakila? Because no one in LCS can do what he does confidently. Why agimat? Because we can only perform well when he’s there. I apologize for all “the talk” that I ran away from, I sincerely apologize for “all” the troubles, and disappointments I have caused you, especially the most recent one. Pero ika-niyo nga may magagandang mangyayari after idol, so I’ll see what the future has to offer me. Thank you Sir for teaching us the love for music, and for teaching us “Logic”, as you would say in our rehearsals. You taught me the meaning of excellence in terms of performing, the “wow” effect. Thank you so much Sir!! We miss you!!

I would also like to thank my closest friends in LCS, Shai, Nica, and Dianne. I’ll be looking forward to singing with you guys again.

I would also like to thank our seniors in cultural affairs, especially Ate Licelle, Ate Chryzzie, Kuya Pau, Ate Ayen, Ate Lou, Ate Rose, and other more. Thank you so much po! And to the resident artists, keep the fire burning and I hope to see your future performances!

Living the best of both worlds, also gave me a large circle of friends from different colleges, different organizations, different programs, different year levels, different departments, but no one beats my batchmates ABCOMM 2017 a.k.a Diversed Productions. Thank you for accepting each other’s differences, we may not be as united as they want us to be but we have to admit we will be missing each other after this, right? And of course the unbeatable TRF: Team Reformat and Ninjas, thank you for all the wonderful and unforgettable experiences, most of which we get in trouble, but who could imagine people like us have been this close. You’re more than friends to me, you’re a family to me, and I know I’ll be coming back to you even after graduation if I see an “unlimited wings” offer somewhere near.

But this protagonist will not be able to meet all these people, will not be able to join the choir nor the theatre group, this protagonist will not be alive if it weren’t for these two special people who were in the film from pre-prod to post-prod. To my mom, and dad, Ms. Evelyn Castillo and Mr. Julio Castillo. Ga-graduate na po ako. Ga-graduate na po tayo. Tapos na tayo. I know I am far from the ideal child you were dreaming of, but I know I have an edge because I was a guy in a body of girl. But kidding aside, thank you is not enough, being grateful is not enough, having a bachelor’s degree is not enough, I love you two so much, it never came out my mouth often, but I hope you felt it.

I apologize for going home late for the past four years. I apologize for acting all grumpy whenever I go home. I apologize for not doing things you want me to do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Thank you for all the efforts, I never thought raising an only child can be hard, especially if it was me. Thank you for staying up late just to open the door for me when I get home from school. Thank you for acting tough when I need to be disciplined. Thank you for all the sacrifices, I never really told you these but I am really blessed to have you as my parents, and if I were to be born again, I will choose you as my parents again, I will.

Sorry for all the headaches and heartaches but I never wanted anything more than to make you proud of me. Aggraduate akon, nalpas ak nga awan asawa ko. Mahal na mahal ko kayo.

Lastly, to my late grandparents, to my Tatay and Nanay, my father’s parents, too bad I never met you but thank you for giving me the best dad with a great taste of music. He’s doing a great job being a dad, not only to me but to all the people who needed someone to talk to. Your son is the greatest.

And to Mama and Papa, my mother’s parents, thank you for my Mom. She’s more youthful than I am, and most people think we’re sisters, and yes, she’s prettier than I am, but she said, I’m more talented than she is. She’s awesome, and I know exactly why my dad fell for her, but that’s a long story I cannot make it short.

Also, I would like to apologize if I won’t be a medical doctor just like I promised before, but I still wish to be a doctor but in a different field.

But then, that will be another film, because this film will end 40 days from now, it just happened that the ending credits came first.

Thank you for completing this film for me, and for another significant scene wherein the protagonist gets awarded as the Top_____ Outstanding Lycean. Thank you so much to all of you for being a part of the film: The College Life. Please watch out for the next film: The Real World.


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