This started out as a smalle awards giving ceremony for our seniors, and being one of its organizers I told myself “Hindi pwedeng mawalan ng ganito ang batch namin”, hence #COMMACOSTD. This event would not be possible with the help of ABCOMM Batch 2018, and ABCOMM Batch 2019, and of course the awesome people from ABCOMM Batch 2017 (Nessy, Vince, Chan, Hillary, Eevan, Aly, and Kuya Martin; also Trish for the budget).

As one of the organizers, it’s fulfilling to see how my classmates loved the awards and the event per se, especially when it came from the batch whose forte is events production.

From the bottom of every internal organ I have, I love you guys so much! You have been there for me since June 2013, and it’s hard to accept the fact that we’ll be going different paths starting tomorrow. This event is our simple gift for you guys! I will you so much!


Gwiyomi Mocha Girl
Best Supporting Actress
ABCOMM Batch 2017


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