I don’t know about other people, but I tend to be at the highest level of my transparency. Apparently, I cannot hide what I truly feel. So if you feel like I’m mad for some reasons, perhaps with you. Do not hesitate to ask, I’ll answer honestly.

If you only asked me what my problem is with you, here’s my response:

Honestly, I used to like you as person, really! I told my friends that. But since I found out you take people for granted, on that level, well f u bruh!

See, I’d side with you if I only knew that you never have any idea that he is in love with you. Maiintindihan ko sana kung hindi mo alam na gusto ka niya tapos you’re seeking help. Gets ko kasi iyon, siyempre, hindi mo alam! Pero knowing that you are aware that this person has feelings for you, and yet, you keep coming to him for every difficult activity you have to pass. Not tom mention, to every gala you want to be in. Then that’s kind of off!! 

Hello! If someone confessed his/her feelings to you, be kind enough to know what the other person might feel! It took a lot of courage from them to tell you all those things tas hahayaan niyo lang na ganoon? That’s my point!! 

You don’t treat someone special if he/she is not that special to you. Don’t make them believe that you feel the same for each other. Just don’t. Mixed signals are harder than mixed emotions. 

So here’s a short discussion about my hatred, I hope you change. I hope you find someone who understands every bullshit you’ll be doing…
Cheers to Moving On


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