Good Vibes!

My shirt says Good Vibes like a newspaper headline and under it are articles about farming in different parts of the Philippines. I bought the shirt in Kultura in SM City Calamba for 199 php, but this post is not to advertise the product (I am not paid to do so). I’m actually going to tell you how this shirt ended up being mine when it wasn’t suppose to be mine.

I bought this shirt thinking that I’ll give this as a parting gift to someone (the hell). I am that sentimental, I wanted to give my friends gifts since we have just graduated from college, I wanted them to always remember me when they see the stuff that I’ll give.

I bought the shirt two months before graduation, deciding whether I should give it or not, one reason why I do not want to give it is because I love th shirt too (lol). But it was my first time buying something for someone with my own money (I earned the money from hosting), so I’m convinced that I will be giving the shirt to its rightful receiver.

Then shit happened.

Its supposed receiver happened to fire my anger bomb (Idk what I’m saying). The receiver got me so mad and sad at the same time, I realized, why should I give you a (kind of) special gift when all I ever received from you  are disappointments and heartaches?

Thank you for the gift of friendship though, and I thank myself for this wonderful graduation gift. I love you much, self! Let’s be with each other forever! ♥


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