Me on my 21 WordPress drafts

I love writing, and I’m starting to know that it doesn’t love me back, like every guy I ever had feelings to. I love writing but I’m low on words to write and a device to write on. I love writing but I tend to get it mixed up with other things I love (especially with those hat has K on it [Kpop, Kdrama, K-raoke].  I love writing but I don’t know if what I write is something to be loved or will it ever be loved by its readers (if any).

I love to write but it makes me feel like I have to impress someone by doing what I love, but I don’t want that.

I love writing, but until the day I’d pursue my passion for it. I’ll enjoy reading my drafts and think of how awesome this article would be if only I knew the right words and if only my heart would let itself speak.


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