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10 Things I Realized on the First Day of my First Job

Waking up 2 hours before your call time is a must. I seriously need to buy corporate attires. And I also need to buy me a decent pair of shoes. My voice cannot lie. It goes high when I’m having fun, and low when I’m not. All the people I’m working with are people who […]

The Flowery Years of Youth

I painted those Chinese characters – which means, In the Mood for Love or The Flowery Years of Youth – to remind me of how young I still am to want everything in life. This is to remind me that I still have enough time to do things I need, and want at the same […]


I don’t know about other people, but I tend to be at the highest level of my transparency. Apparently, I cannot hide what I truly feel. So if you feel like I’m mad for some reasons, perhaps with you. Do not hesitate to ask, I’ll answer honestly. If you only asked me what my problem […]

Kilig na Walang Feelings

isa sa pinakamalaking pagkakamaling ginawa namin noong araw na iyon ang umuwi nang alas singko ng hapon. Dahil malapit lang sa highway ang aming unibersidad, langhap na langhap namin ang usok at buhangin habang naghihintay ng jeep. Ngunit matinding gulat ang naramdaman namin paglabas na paglabas ng gate. Mas matindi pa sa gulat ng mga […]

You should know better

For months, I have been in a constant intrapersonal battle whether should I┬átell you how I really feel or not. For some, this would be something petty, but for me it’s asking yourself whether you want to be free of the agonizing pain of hiding something from someone, or whether you prefer playing stupid all […]


We look good together. Now I admit. I’m not as pretty as she is, but we do look good together, just like what they say. It keeps my hopes up, that one day you’ll realize that we do look together, and we finally feel the same for each other. LOL, right? It’s impossible.


I had couple of things in my mind the whole day. Mostly about what would I do in the future, and what I really want to do. Some about how I’ll miss my classmates after graduation, some about him.